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Thursday, 30 June 2011

My love to you will be always grow bigger in every seconds ,
and my heart will never stop pam ur name in all my vain n blood ,
I miss u every time in my single life sayang ,
and I only want you my bby u my love u my honey ,
but the most important thing thank you for loving an annoying boy like me sayang <3

Ohh you make me melt la Iqmal :)
I'm promise that I will never forget how kind of you towards me
Hold tight my hands , save in your mind
That I'm will be always be ' yours princess '
And I won't let you go and keep loving you till the end :) 

WHOAA, thats my EX boyfriend, aku sayang sangat dekat dia. Dia selalu nasihat aku and dia selalu buat lawak. HAHAHA! terrrrr rindu pulak dekat dia. if aku dapat jumpa dia aku nak jee  wrestling dia puas puas and lepas kan geram sekali, haha, bengong ngong. NUR IQMAL FAHMI B. NORHASBI imissyousooooomuch and saya perlukan awak untuk nasihat saya lagi. <3

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